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Mayor Games Cycle 2013 - 2020

posted Jun 18, 2013, 6:52 AM by Unknown user

The attachment below provides an overview of all qualifying years for each sport season, as well Provincial, National and World Games up to and including 2020..

Athletes Endorsed for 2013 Summer Games - round 1

posted Dec 21, 2012, 7:49 AM by Unknown user

Congratulations to all athletes who have qualified to compete in the 2013 Provincial Summer Games to be held in York Region in July 2013!

Round 1 of athlete endorsements have been completed for Central Ontario (Regions 4 & 6).  There are still some to complete, and once that information is received, additional athletes will be announced in "round 2" of endorsements in January 2013.  


WOW for Central Ontario in St. Albert!

posted Aug 19, 2012, 5:31 PM by Info Webmaster

The 2012 National Winter Games held in St. Albert, Alberta February 28 through March 3rd were a blast! (Maybe not weather-wise, as the minimum amount of snow showed!) Host city St. Albert (plus Jasper for alpine) did a super job accommodating the athletes and ensuring the venues were among the best in Games history.
Team Ontario came out with an unofficial total of 189 medals: 69 gold, 64 silver, and 56 bronze. Highlights of the Games results include quadruple gold for Speed Skater Stephen Graham, a gold medal for Newmarket Floor Hockey, and a podium sweep of skate skiers in the 1k event.
More information continues to be found at the Games website and the Team Ontario website (with a link to the facebook page). The Photos section of this website includes a slideshow from the Games. (Thanks are extended to Newmarket dad James Nighswander for providing some super shots of floor hockey and the opening ceremonies.) Listen to the file below for a CKNX radio interview with Region 4 Figure Skater Kelsey-Rose MacDonald that highlights all the Region 4 athletes that competed in St. Albert.

Why We Love Winter!

posted Aug 19, 2012, 5:30 PM by Info Webmaster

Region 6 hosted a successful alpine ski meet on Sunday, January 29. Blue Mountain offered superb support as the hosting venue. Athletes were welcomed from across the province, including Milton, Mississauga, London, Toronto, Meaford, Barrie and Blue Mountain. Eleven of the 12 alpine athletes heading to St. Albert for the 2012 National Games used the competition opportunity as a training camp. Results are posted below; there is a slideshow of photos available at . Thanks so much to the dedicated alpine volunteers in Region 6!


posted Aug 19, 2012, 5:29 PM by Info Webmaster

Midland 2011 Floor Hockey Tournament

Article written by Competition Host: Louise Spicer (Midland Community Coordinator)


Special Olympics Ontario Huronia in partnership with the Midland Civitan Club welcomed nine teams on Saturday March 26th, 2011 for a full day of constant floor hockey play: 9 teams, 11 games, 8 hours!  Some amazing sportsmanship was seen, wonderful teamwork and memorable moments.  Thanks to the following teams for participating this year, we enjoyed having you and look forward to the 2011/2012 Season.


Midland Civitan Hawks (1)

Midland Civitan Hawks (2)

Newmarket Ringers

Muskoka Rattlers

York South Hawks

Mississauga Lightning

Peterborough Wolves

Durham West Hitmen

Durham West Devils

“Take the shot” becomes three little words that are the most spoken during the day – from the players to the coaches to the spectators – everyone yells it out at least once. 
It was a jammed packed day of floor hockey play that left you constantly moving your head back and forth or miss the action in a split second.  Floor Hockey is such a fast moving and “busy” sport – so many legs, arms, sticks and bodies all moving in different ways and directions chasing each other that everyone becomes ‘a blur’ as they quickly fly by (they don’t stop and say ‘cheese’ for the camera on the sidelines!)  
I witnessed courageous play, determination, disappointment, pain and joy -  the many different emotions clearly expressed.   And WAY TO GO GIRL POWER!!!! Every year I see more and more females joining these teams – they play as hard and as strong as the ‘guys’, and they don’t back down!
Watching through the lens of a camera creates its own challenges; it becomes a dare and thrill to follow that ring as it slides across the gym floor, at the same time trying to remember to press that shutter and “take the shot”!  
I think the photo shots capture the essence of the day - I hope you enjoy them.
Louise Spicer
Competition Host
SOO Midland Community Coordinator

Region 6 Basketball Provincial Qualifier 2011

posted Aug 19, 2012, 5:27 PM by Info Webmaster

Picasa Web Slideshow

The Region 6 Provincial Qualifer for Basketball was successfully hosted in Richmond HIll on April 9.  A total of 13 teams (incuding a few from other regions) participated in 3 divisions, resulting in a great competition for all!  Competition results for each division are below:
SUNS                                        RAPTORS                                 MAVERICKS
First         Meaford                      First        Timmins                        First        Welland 2
Second    St. Catherines 1          Second   Collingwood                    Second    York South 2
Third        York South 1              Third        Central Bruce                 Third        St. Catherines 2
Fourth       Orillia 1                     Fourth      Welland 1                      Fourth      Orillia 2
                                                                                                    Fifth         South Simcoe
Once all of the Basketball Provincial Qualifiers are held throughout the province, all final results will be compiled and teams will be identified for advancement to the Spring Provincial Games in Kingston in 2012.  Announcements re: advancement to Provincials will be made in the Fall of 2012.
A slideshow of photos from the Central Ontario Provincial Qualifier Basketball tournament is below. Thanks to James Nighswander for the wonderful photos!

Successful Swim Provincial Qualifier hosted in Region 6

posted Aug 19, 2012, 5:26 PM by Info Webmaster

Aurora Provincial Qualifier Swim Meet 2011

Aurora - March 19, 2011
Muskoka - April 2, 2011
Special Olympics Ontario

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