Coaches R Us: Training Opportunities

Post date: Feb 03, 2016 6:7:47 AM

(please click on the title to be taken to the full post with photo and links.) There are some GREAT opportunities to take some coaching courses this spring, both in the Special Olympics stream and in multi-sport. If anyone has any questions about what is required at what level of coaching, please ask District Developer Hellaina Rothenburg:

è BARRIE IS HOSTING THE SOC COURSE! Please mark your calendars for March 5/6. If you are a new volunteer, if you are heading to your first Provincial Games as a coach this spring and don’t have it, or you’ve been around for a while and have never taken the course, this is your chance! Please visit to register. (Check out the date on the calendar at the SOO website.) ALL of Central Ontario is within 2.5 hours of Barrie so this course is for YOU! SOO made it happen – please take this opportunity to advance your coach training.

è LOTS of NCCP multisport in Barrie this spring: Check out the calendar at

o April 2/3: The equivalent of Introduction to Coaching Part B: Teaching & Learning, Designing a Basic Sports Program, and Basic Mental Skills are being offered individually or as a trio.

o April 23: Nutrition and Make Ethical Decisions are being offered, individually or together.