New SOO Logo: Community & Team Guidelines

Post date: Dec 21, 2012 4:12:9 PM

There have been a number of questions about the guidelines for use of the new Special Olympics logo at the community level, for both general community use and/or team logos. The attachment below uses Special Olympics Alberta as a case study to outline the approved use of the new Special Olympics logo that will support and coincide with international branding standards that are now in place. They are somewhat different than the practices that have been in place over the past few years.

The main difference is that all logos and wording must indicate "Special Olympics Ontario", followed by the community name separately (specifics around where this can be placed are outlined in the document). In other words, combining "Special Olympics" with the local community name (i.e. Special Olympics Barrie) no longer falls within the branding guidelines.

The new branding and marketing campaign is great, and in the end, the Special Olympics logo will be recognizable worldwide for the wonderful organization it is with consistent use of the new logo options. A variety of logo files can be found on the information portal in the Communication, Marketing and Public Relations Policy, specifically under policy 3.4.0 Branding. Please don't hesitate to contact Taude Plexman at with any questions related to use of the logo.